behind every great author is a great editor

CB Editing

Do you need a book editor to help your book become the best possible version of itself? CB Editing will be your book's best friend. Every author needs an editor to help them polish their manuscript.

If you are getting ready to submit your book to a literary agent, traditional publishing house, or if you are self-publishing I will be your "second pair of eyes." To ensure you are happy with the finished manuscript I will work closely with you, be available to discuss ideas, and answer any questions you may have.

At CB Editing I offer editing services for every story and every budget. There are many different types of editing and it can be difficult to choose. The first step in preparing your manuscript for publication is developmental or line editing. These types of editing are necessary for the storyline of your book. Before hiring a copyeditor, start with a developmental review of your book that looks at plot, character development, story arc, dialogue, etc. That way, the story shines.

CB Editing specializes in:






-women's fiction

-young adult

-children's fiction

-literary fiction

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